Aluminium entrance doors
AKTIV 77 partitioned

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Aluminium entrance doors AKTIV 77 partitioned

Elegance that suits
every home

The aluminium entrance door AKTIV 77 is the golden mean for anyone who cares about the appearance of their new or renovated house. The doors are highly stable and durable due to the steel reinforcements. Their main feature is the partitions inserted horizontally and vertically into the door leaf. There are many types of designs to choose from.

We tailor each piece to your home so that it not only looks nice, but also retains its excellent thermal and insulating properties. The aluminium entrance door AKTIV 77 is a great example of the fact that we understand our work and stand behind it. That's why we also offer an extended warranty for the door.

Advantages of the entrance doors
AKTIV 77 partitioned

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High stability and durability of the door thanks to steel reinforcements – partitions.
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Matching design – a choice of thousands of colours and decors allows you to match the door with your garage door, for example.
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Every door is original – a wide range of grips, handles, stainless-steel elements and glazings can be arbitrarily combined.
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Three-point safety lock with automatic locking within the basic equipment of the door.
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Option of above-standard safety features and electric door unlocking.
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Excellent thermal insulation properties due to the interrupted thermal bridges in all door parts.
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The 48 mm wide triple glazed insulating glass keeps the heat in and the cold out.
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You get a 5-year warranty on the door profile, and a 2-year warranty on the fittings and door panels.
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Measurement and technical design of the solution free of charge. Always available spare parts and fast service.

Samples of implementation of the entrance door AKTIV 77 partitioned


An appearance exactly to your liking

Colour finishes

White – RAL 9016
Grey brown – RAL 8019
Brown – RAL 8003
Anthracite – RAL 7016
Basalt grey – RAL 7012
Silver grey – RAL 7001
LOMAX – RAL swatch
RAL swatch
LOMAX – RAL swatch extended
RAL swatch extended
LOMAX – IGP swatch
IGP swatch
LOMAX – DTM swatch
DTM swatch


Colour design

Choose the colour of your entrance door from RAL swatches. However, the colour of the individual aluminium profiles varies, so always consult our technical advisor.


Inquire about entrance doors AKTIV 77 partitioned

Wood imitation

Mud Oak
Mud Oak
Golden Oak
Golden Oak

Properties of aluminium, wood appearance

Your door can look like being made by a carpenter and still have all the benefits of metal. Simply choose from our swatches.

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LOMAX partitions – B1, B2, B3
B1, B2, B3
LOMAX partitions – C1, C2, C3
C1, C2, C3
LOMAX partitions – D1, D2, D3
D1, D2, D3
LOMAX partitions – H1, H2, H3, H4
H1, H2, H3, H4
LOMAX partitions – N1, N2, N3, N4
N1, N2, N3, N4


Partitioned doors are highly stable and durable due to the steel reinforcements. There are many types of partitions to choose from.

Inquire about entrance doors AKTIV 77 partitioned


Glazing – Altdeutsch bronze
Altdeutsch bronze
Glazing – Altdeutsch clear
Altdeutsch clear
Glazing – Crepi
Glazing – Delta clear mat
Delta clear mat
Glazing – Delta clear
Delta clear
Glazing – Flutes clear
Flutes clear
Glazing – Chinchilla bronze
Chinchilla bronze
Glazing – Chinchilla clear
Chinchilla clear
Glazing – Confeta
Glazing – Krizet clear
Krizet clear
Glazing – Bark bronze
Bark bronze
Glazing – Bark clear
Bark clear
Glazing – Madera clear
Madera clear
Glazing – Master carre clear
Master carre clear
Glazing – Master ligne
Master ligne
Glazing – Matelux
Glazing – Planibel bronze
Planibel bronze
Glazing – Planibel grey
Planibel grey
Glazing – Planibel green
Planibel green
Glazing – Silvit bronze
Silvit bronze
Glazing – Silvit clear
Silvit clear
Glazing – Glass clear
Glass clear
Glazing – Stopsol classic bronze
Stopsol classic bronze
Glazing – Stopsol classic clear
Stopsol classic clear
Glazing – Stopsol SS clear
Stopsol SS clear

Let the daylight in

If you want to let more natural light into the vestibule, you can add glazing to the entrance door design . The standard glazing thickness is 40 mm. The glass can have several patterns.

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LOMAX – Standard grip/ball fittings
Standard grip/ball fittings
LOMAX – Handles
LOMAX – Handles
LOMAX – Garniture
LOMAX – Rosette

Something on top

The options don't end with the choice of colour and stainless-steel elements. You can choose from a wide range of grips (up to 4 basic colour designs), handles (in single or double-sided designs), electric locks, peepholes, rosettes and other details, which underline the overall design of your entrance door.

Inquire about entrance doors AKTIV 77 partitioned

Technical parameters of
the entrance door AKTIV 77 partition

Safety features

Included in the basic price of the door is a GU-Secury Automatic 3-point safety lock with automatic locking. In addition, the door can be equipped with a hidden sensor for the security system, a fingerprint reader, RFID chips or an encryption keypad.

Thermal insulation

We put special emphasis on thermal insulation during installation. The thermal bridge is interrupted in the profile, threshold, leaf and frame. At this point, the profile is then supplemented with thermal insulating inserts.

Professional installation

Professional and quality installation is essential for reliable and long-term product functionality. Therefore, our doors are only installed by vetted and experienced workers whose work is guaranteed.

Guarantees and warranties

Aluminium entrance doors are one of the most durable types of entrance doors. Moreover, because we manufacture them in-house, we can confidently back up our claims with extended warranties. On the door profiles, you get an automatic 5-year warranty, and a 2-year warranty on the fittings and door panels.

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