Screen roller shutters

They protect privacy and preserve the view

LOMAX screen roller shutters provide shading without losing the view to the exterior, but at the same time they prevent the interior being seen from the outside, thus fully protecting your privacy. They are mainly used for exterior shading of windows, terraces, pergolas, and conservatories and are an excellent complement to the concept of passive buildings.

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An ideal level of natural light in the interior

LOMAX screen roller shutters are a modern alternative to typical roller shutters and blinds. The fabrics of screen roller shutters are high-quality, durable, and long lasting – most often made of PVC coated fibreglass or polyester fabric with a PVC coating.

One of the main advantages of screen roller shutters is their partial light transmission and variability. This type of shading technology prevents the penetration of sunlight and heat – thus creating the ideal level of natural light and optimal temperature conditions in the interior. In addition, screen roller shutters provide protection from wind and, to some extent, rain.


System of screen roller shutters

What are screen roller shutters?

The equipment consists of the following main parts:

  • The upper box, which holds the tubular shaft on which the fabric is wound.
  • The two guide side rails – provide fabric guidance and incorporate a ZIP for better wind resistance.
  • The fabric, attached to the shaft by the CLICK-ON design. This solution eliminates longitudinal imprints on the fabric.
  • The bottom rail, in which a weight is placed to achieve the best possible fabric tension. The fabric is attached to the bottom rail in such a way that the weld is hidden in the bottom rail. This solution is called VISITEX.
  • The tubular drive is housed in the shaft and provides the movement of the entire system.

Installation options

Exposed SR1

The ZIP is a system of fabric guidance in aluminium rails, in which the insert for the zip guidance is placed. The fabric has a zip on both sides. It is a system with high resistance to wind loads. It can be installed on the wall or on the window.

Exposed SR1 - rotated

In the case of the rear view box, it is a typical system that is only rotated, thanks to which the fabric is not in close proximity to the window pane, but can be flush with the façade. We do not offer rounded boxes with this system. The principle of this system is the same as with the typical ZIP system.

SR1 - with steel wire

The sun protection system comes with minimalist cable routing made of high-quality stainless steel. This wiring is limited in size compared to the ZIP solution. The slim appearance of the entire system reflects the high-end design.

Built-in SRF1

The guide rail of the screen roller shutters is partiallyor fullyinterlocked.


The principle of this system is the same as with the typical ZIP system.

Advantages of LOMAX
screen roller shutters

Passive cooling
The screen roller shutters serve as passive cooling, which helps to save financial costs on air conditioning.
Protect against direct sunlight
They protect against direct sunlight.
They provide visual protection of your privacy.
Shade without losing the view
They bring shade without losing the view.
They complement the house/building in terms of design.
Intensity of the lighting
They control the intensity of the lighting.
High wind resistance up to class 6, which means wind speeds up to 88 km/h.
Large selection of colours and boxes
They are available in a large selection of colours and boxes.
The widest offer on the market
The widest offer on the market.

Fabric types and shades

In all systems, the type of fabric depends on the specific purpose of use. For example, fabrics with almost clear transparency offer protection from the sun, but also let natural daylight into the room. In the bedroom, on the other hand, the Block-Out fabric provides 100% shading.

The opening factor indicates the percentage transparency of the fabric. With almost clear transparency, the factor is around 14%. With complete shading it is 0%. See the illustrative pictures below.

0 % opening factor

5 % opening factor

10 % opening factor


How much will the screen roller shutters cost you?

Each house is unique, just as your requirements are. Some are satisfied with a simple solution, while others require the utmost exclusivity. The examples provided are only indicative, so do not hesitate to contact us for a personalised price calculation.



Price from 3 153 EUR

Prices are exclusive of VAT, installation, and transport.



Price from 6 016 EUR

Prices are exclusive of VAT, installation, and transport.



Price from 9 668 EUR

Prices are exclusive of VAT, installation, and transport.

Examples of the
installed screen
roller shutters


They look exactly like you imagined

Component colours

7 basic shades

The surfaces of the aluminium systems meet the highest international quality standards – guaranteeing high colour fastness, UV protection, and gloss retention. In addition, your screen roller shutters will match not only the façade of the house, but also the window frames and window sills. You can choose from several colour combinations.

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Wood imitation

Wood imitation

Get close to nature with fabrics in one of 2 wood imitations with a distinctive texture. 

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Something extra

We offer a range of accessories for screen roller shutters with an electric drive.  The ideal combination also includes a solar sensor, which evaluates the intensity of the sunlight and adjusts the position of the fabric accordingly. Thanks to the sensor, you will save money on air conditioning and feel comfortable when you return home from work even in the hot summer.

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Technical parameters of the screen roller shutters

Simple control

The screen roller shutters can be controlled using an electric drive, either via the Somfy app, a remote control, an electronic timer, a switch, or manually using a geared crank.

Installation options

Outdoor roller shutters are composed of fabrics that move in guiding rails and roll up into a box at the top. The box can be either exposed, or built-in and hidden under plaster.

Guarantees and warranties

We manufacture the screen roller shutters from first-class materials, and therefore we provide a 5-year warranty on the non-moving parts of the roller shutters (guide rail, boxes, bottom rails, inspection flaps), which are not subject to wear and tear due to operation. The warranty covers the dimensional stability of the materials used and the Somfy and Elero tubular electric actuators.

Home automation

Somfy - control your home smartly

Home automation LOMAX SOMFY

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