Sectional garage doors

Minimum space requirements, maximum design freedom

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LOMAX sectional garage doors
Sectional garage doors

Unique design and comfort of use

The most popular type of garage doors for homes. The door slides under the ceiling when opened, leaving you plenty of space in your garage. To drive the doors, we use modern German and French motors, which are quiet and reliable. Thanks to the carefully selected materials we use in the production of the panels, we can guarantee their long service life. That's also why we are not afraid to offer a unique 10-year warranty on our materials.

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Choose your model of the sectional garage door LOMAX

HOME sectional garage doors
Economy variant
Price from EUR 917
DELTA sectional garage doors
Best-selling variant
Price from EUR 1,338
Sectional garage doors EXCELLENT
Variant for the demanding
Price from EUR 1,937

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Are you unsure about choosing a garage door?

Why sectional garage doors LOMAX?

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Minimal space requirements, the door does not take up space in the garage or in front of it.
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It is strong and durable and will reliably protect your property.
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The control mechanism is safely hidden inside the garage.
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Possibility of adding glazing, stainless-steel elements or ventilation grilles.
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Excellent thermal insulation thanks to all-round sealing and quality materials.
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Possibility of installation without the need for building modifications.

Samples of implementation of LOMAX sectional garage doors


LOMAX Easy Solution

Replacement of doors with minimal building modifications.

LOMAX EASY solution – background

RC2 Resistance class

High protection at the lowest possible price


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