Outdoor roller shutters

Ensure comfort and privacy

LOMAX roller shutters prevent overheating of homes in summer, heat leaks through windows in winter and always protect your privacy. They are suitable for new buildings and renovations, but can easily be mounted on any building.

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Roller shutters

Saving money, more privacy and better sleep

LOMAX roller shutters decorate and protect the homes of hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers. All praise the considerable financial savings, less noise from outside and more privacy. Investing in the roller shutters is therefore clearly worthwhile.

Moreover, thanks to the wide range of colours and slat types, they adapt perfectly to even the most demanding requirements.

Installation options

With a visible box

Window roller shutters with a visible box are suitable for every building. This is because the installation of a half-round, round or square box does not require window modifications, masonry work or a new facade. The box is made of rolled or extruded aluminium.

For plastering

Window roller shutters for plastering are the ideal solution for new buildings and renovations. The roller shutter box is concealed under the plaster, so you have to take it into account in the building plans. However, the size of the installation space is not demanding. The box in the wall above the window opening can be covered with a facade insulation system or plaster. In any case, the roller shutters contain an inspection flap at the bottom, which makes any repairs involving dismantling and damaging the facade unnecessary.

Under the lintel

Above-window roller shutters under the lintel have a universal profile that makes them easy to adapt to any window frame. The box includes an insulating liner made of polystyrene, which provides a thermal resistance of up to k = 0.6 W/m2k. The roller shutters keep the heat in perfectly. Just like the roller shutters for plastering, lintel roller shutters are ideal for renovations and new construction, plus they are also ideal for wooden buildings. The box is facing the house, so the appearance of the facade is clean and nothing disturbs it. The box from the interior serves as an inspection flap.

Roller shutter lintels

In new buildings, you can have the luxury of a clean roller shutter installation. If you have, for example, a HELUZ roller shutter under the lintel embedded directly into the masonry, meaning that the facade hides not only the box but also the guide rails, our roller shutters can be easily installed into it and will not interfere with the appearance of the house. Roller shutter lintels are also distinguished by an interrupted thermal bridge, so they seal perfectly and no heat escapes through them. Maintenance is carried out conveniently thanks to the inspection flap.

Slat types

Insulated aluminium slats are the most important part of roller shutters because they protect the interior from heat loss, noise and thieves. The simple design makes them easy to match with any type of building. The overall impression is then enhanced by choosing the right design. You can choose from slat widths of 2,800 mm to 3,800 mm.

Slat BP41R

Maximum width: 2800 mm
Maximum surface area: 6,5 m2

Slat BP42RS

Maximum width: 3800 mm
Maximum surface area: 8 m2

Slat BP55RS

Maximum width: 3500 mm
Maximum surface area: 6,5 m2

Advantages of LOMAX outdoor
roller shutters

Heat loss icon
They prevent heat loss and naturally regulate the temperature in the house.
Property protection icon
It prevents prying eyes from the outside and reliably protects your property.
Quality sleep icon
It perfectly darkens the interior and ensures quality sleep at any time of the night or day.
Shields noise icon
It shields out the noise from the street and provides you with undisturbed rest and a pleasant environment for work.
Whims of weather icon
They will protect your windows from the whims of the weather while maintaining their colour and shape for years to come.
Selection of colours icon
Choose from thousands of colours and decors that can be combined freely.
Control icon
You can control them manually or conveniently with a high-quality electric drive.
Time automation icon
Possibility to automate the roller shutters – they can then be controlled from anywhere or according to a set schedule.
Guarantee icon
We provide a 5-year warranty on the supporting and non-moving parts of roller shutters and electric drives.
Approximate price

How much will roller shutters cost you?

Each house is unique, just as your requirements are. Some are satisfied with a simple solution, others require the utmost exclusivity. The examples provided are only indicative, do not hesitate to contact us for a "personalised" price calculation.

Small house LOMAX

Small house

Price from EUR 2,200

Prices exclude VAT, assembly and transport.

Medium house LOMAX

Medium House

Price from EUR 4,000

Prices exclude VAT, assembly and transport.

Big house LOMAX

Big house

Price from EUR 6,500

Prices exclude VAT, assembly and transport.

Examples of implementation of
LOMAX outdoor roller


An appearance exactly to your liking

Colours of slats

10 basic colours and more than 2,500 additional colours

Your outdoor roller shutters will match not only the facade of your house, but also the window frames and window sills. You can choose from many colour combinations. In the case of slats, you can choose from white, brown, beige, grey, silver, anthracite, ivory, cream and light grey, or from 2,500 spray-on colours. You can choose from up to 30 different colours for the boxes.

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Wood imitation

Imitation wood

Get close to nature with slats in one of 4 wood imitations with a distinctive pattern. The colours cannot be used on other parts of the roller shutters.

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Something on top

If you choose to control your roller shutters with an electric drive, you have several types of drives to choose from. In addition, we offer additional accessories for all types of roller shutters such as sun and wind sensors, integrated insect net, bottom rail lock for a greater sense of security or a winding shaft spring to allow mechanical opening and closing of the roller shutter.

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Technical parameters of outdoor roller shutters

Simple control

Outdoor roller shutters can be controlled using an electric drive, either via the Somfy app, remote control, electronic timer, switch, cord or harness winch, or classically manually using a geared crank.

Installation options

Outdoor roller shutters are composed of slats that move in guiding rails and roll up into a box at the top. This can be either visible or hidden under plaster.

Guarantees and warranties

We stand behind our products, outdoor roller shutters are no exception. We provide a 5-year warranty on the non-moving parts of the roller shutters (guides, boxes, bottom rails, inspection flaps), on Somfy electric drives and on Selve SP and Marantec drives.

Home automation

Somfy – control your home smartly

Home automation LOMAX SOMFY

Progress of the contract implementation

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