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Industrial garage doors

We also have solutions for warehouses with non-stop operation

Warehouses, halls, car repair shops and dozens of other premises need garage doors that withstand demanding daily operation. That is why we put particular emphasis on reliability, safety and service lifetime in industrial garage doors. We therefore teamed up with one of the world's most important manufacturers of industrial applications, ALPHA DEUREN, which produces industrial sectional, rolling and high-speed garage doors for us.

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Lomax sectional doors

Industrial sectional doors

This is our most popular product. The door guarantees superior sealing and insulation properties, soundproofing and weather resistance. All this is achieved thanks to the micro-profiled steel-plate panels. Sectional doors have a wide range of applications also due to the possibility of installing different types of windows of different heights, widths and colours.

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Translucent industrial doors LOMAX

All-glass sectional doors

The ideal option if you put emphasis on visibility and need high translucency while placing maximum emphasis on quality thermal and acoustic insulation. We offer different design options to fully adapt to your operational requirements.

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Rolling industrial doors LOMAX

Rolling aluminium doors

Rolling doors are characterised by their low weight, two walls and thermal insulation. We offer them in several variants. Decorative notched slats in the shape of a micro profile, slightly rounded inside, guarantee pleasantly quiet running characteristics of the entire door. The slats in the standard version have a galvanised finish and a transparent protective lacquer. It is a reliable product that is widely used in industry.

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High-speed foil doors

High-speed foil doors

High-speed doors are ideal for high-traffic areas and larger openings. This is because they guarantee long-term operation without malfunctions. They are also suitable for separating spaces with different temperatures, saving energy in public, industrial and commercial buildings. We offer both exterior and interior variants.

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High-speed doors Helix LOMAX

High-speed sectional doors Helix

This type is up to 6 times faster than sectional doors. Thanks to this high speed, they cater to higher energy savings. With a revolutionary innovation, spiral winding, we achieved that the door does not need more space, so there is no abrasion and wear of the slats. This is particularly useful in operations with a high frequency of opening.

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Loading technology Lomax

Loading technology

In addition to the doors themselves, we also offer accessories for warehouses and production facilities. These include sealing collars that protect employees and goods from the weather and save on energy costs. We also offer bumpers made of high-quality rubber, which are highly wear-resistant, or loading bridges to compensate for the difference between the loading ramp and the carriage area of the vehicle.

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Why LOMAX industrial doors?

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You can choose from up to 17 basic colours at no extra charge, or from the entire RAL palette.
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Over 20 different types and models of industrial doors with the possibility of individual adjustments.
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Industrial doors are made to measure and fit any opening to the millimetre.
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We offer functional and practical solutions even for demanding and continuous operations.
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The revolutionary spiral winding technology of the high-speed door saves time and operating costs.
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Improved sealing and insulation properties keep heat and noise on the proper side of the door.
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We also keep accessories such as sealing collars or loading bridges in mind.
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Placing the entrance door in the gates will not reduce its insulation and sealing properties, nor the comfort of use.
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We can solve the high demands for the door translucence without unwanted heat loss.

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We have already installed our industrial garage doors in dozens of companies in the Czech Republic and abroad. Here's a list of some satisfied customers who can't get enough of LOMAX doors.

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