Double-leaf garage doors

Ideal for unheated and partially heated spaces

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LOMAX double-leaf garage doors
Double-leaf garage doors

A Czech classic in the 21st century

Our grandparents used to drive their Ladas and Skodas into the garage through double-leaf doors. They are still popular today. That is why we have preserved the classic technology, improved the materials and brought this Czech classic into the 21st century. Double-leaf garage doors are ideal especially for unheated and partially heated spaces.

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Double-leaf garage doors

Double-leaf in aluminium frame

The present trend is definitely sectional doors. However, there is still a demand for classic double-leaf garage doors. That's why we decided to meet its needs. We have dressed the double-leaf doors in modern clothes and offer them with everything that makes the LOMAX brand a high-quality one. A stalwart of Czech garages got a durable aluminium frame with visible hinges and sections in any conceivable design.

The advantage of double-leaf doors is their versatility, simplicity and possibility of use both in new and renovated buildings. You can choose to open inwards or outwards, with the grip on the right or left side.

Advantages of LOMAX double-leaf garage doors

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Quality construction made of a durable aluminium frame.
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High-quality and durable sections guarantee a long service life.
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Wide door opening angle of 180°.
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The aluminium frame can be produced in one of 2,500 colours.
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Choice of 4 types of grooves and the same wide range of decors as sectional doors.
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We always manufacture doors to measure – they are suitable for new buildings and renovations.
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Possibility to add an original stainless-steel element or cassette window.
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Manual control guarantees a zero failure rate and long life of the door.
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The panels are provided with a 10-year warranty and we guarantee a 100% availability of spare parts.

Samples of implementation of double-leaf garage doors LOMAX


An appearance exactly to your liking

Colour finishes

Match the colour by the swatch

Double garage doors are made up of sections, so you have the same options as with sectional doors. You can choose a smooth or embossed surface texture and then match the door colour to the facade, where you can choose from 2,500 colour combinations. The aluminium frame and door frames are supplied in silver, white or brown as standard.

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Wood imitation

Carpenter's appearance

Wooden decors are characterised by colour fastness and durability, while looking very realistic and elegant. In addition to the eight basic decors, you can choose from more than 30 decors from the Renolit swatch.

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Fine-tune the design with grooves

Garage doors can be easily matched with roller shutters on windows or entrance doors. You can choose from three basic types of grooves – from slats that make them look like rollers shutters, without grooves, or with a centre groove.

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Let the daylight in

Double-leaf garage doors can also be enhanced with a cassette window that measures 488 × 322 mm and is filled with acrylic plastic. The frame is always colour-matched with the door colour. For cassette windows, you can design coverings. The most popular is the motif of the rising sun.

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Something on top

In addition to the colour, various types of grooves or the window, you can also customise the double-leaf doors with accessories such as ventilation grilles, which ensure fresh air circulation in the garage and do not let any buzzing visitors in thanks to the integrated insect net. In winter, the grille can be closed.

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Technical parameters of
double-leaf garage doors

Building readiness and fittings

Every double-leaf door is made to measure, so you don't have to deal with missing or extra inches. With options of inward and outward opening, the door adapts to even the smallest spaces.

Thermal insulation

Double-leaf garage doors do not have an interrupted thermal bridge, so they are more suitable for unheated or partially heated areas. If you also have a workshop in your garage and spend a lot of time there, we recommend sectional or rolling doors.

Simple control

Double-leaf doors are manually controlled. Each door is made to measure, you can choose the grip on the right or left side. It also depends on you and the space in your garage whether the door opens outwards or inwards. The maximum opening angle is always 180°.

Guarantees and warranties

Sections for double-leaf garage doors are manufactured in the Czech Republic, so we guarantee their 100% quality. We automatically give our customers a 10-year warranty on panels used as infill for double-leaf garage doors.

LOMAX Easy Solution

Replacement of doors with minimal building modifications.

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