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They are elegant, attractive, provide privacy, and help with energy saving or passive cooling. We are talking about the different types of outdoor shading offered by LOMAX – outdoor roller shutters, screen roller shutters, and outdoor blinds. Each type has slightly different properties, but one main thing unites them all: they suit every house and bring several benefits. Outdoor shading from LOMAX is the right choice.

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Guide to Choosing the Best Type of Shading Technology

How Do You Choose Outdoor Shading That Will Protect Your Home and Also Look Good?

The primary purpose of shading technology is undoubtedly to protect the house from sunlight. Thanks to this, it is able to keep the interior cooler in the summer months, and, on the contrary, it serves as an additional insulating layer, and helps keep the heat in the house in the winter. However, it not only protects the house from the sun, but also from the prying eyes of neighbors and passers-by.

Outdoor window shading is available in several types, which differ slightly in their properties. Therefore, in the following paragraphs we will explain which type has which specifications and try to explain the whole issue to you in as much detail as possible. However, you can also leave the choice to us. We would be happy to provide you with a custom-made shading solution.

Types of Outdoor Shading

LOMAX thinks of everyone and therefore offers three types of outdoor shading – outdoor roller shuttersscreen roller shutters, and outdoor blinds. Therefore, before you make a choice, you should clearly define what you expect from the shading. It may be, for example, the appearance, the degree of shading, or perhaps the way of controlling and storing the roller blinds or shutters in a rolled state. The boxes can be housed above and below the plastering, but every house has a different layout, and in many cases, it does not allow for concealed installation.


Outdoor Blinds

They cannot be compared to indoor ones. They bring similar advantages as other shading technologies, but they shade the interior much better, and also, they can easily withstand the adverse effects of the weather. Due to them being outdoors, they do not get dusty like indoor ones, making them an ideal choice for allergy sufferers. They are able to shade up to 94% of the sun’s rays, so they are truly indispensable, especially in the summer months. However, unlike roller shutters, you can adjust them to different positions, thereby determining how much light penetrates into the interior.

  • They are 2x more effective than classic indoor blinds.

  • With the slats inclined correctly, they completely prevent anyone seeing in from the outside, but do not darken the room.

  • They can be controlled by remote control or with an app from anywhere.

  • They boast a five-year warranty.


Screen Roller Shutters

Our newest product combines modern technology and high quality materials. They are suitable for shading the home, as well as terraces, conservatories, or pergolas. However, their production is completely different, as they are not made up of individual slats, but a special glass fiber fabric that is covered with PVC or a polyester fabric with a PVC coating. Therefore, they are a solution that is partially light permeable, but still helps with energy saving, and protecting your privacy.

  • They provide shade without losing the view.

  • They are highly wind resistant.

  • They regulate the intensity of sunlight and protect against direct rays.

  • They underline the design of the entire house.


Outdoor Roller Shutters

If you choose outdoor roller shutters, you will definitely not make a mistake. They are durablecompletely opaque, protect against ambient noise, and can be installed on practically any type of building. Thanks to their wide range of slats and color options, they can also adapt to the most demanding requirements.

  • They are made of durable aluminum slats.
  • They perfectly darken the interior.
  • They prevent heat loss and regulate the temperature inside the home.
  • They come with a 5-year guarantee.

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The Appearance of Outdoor Shading Technology

Whether you choose roller shutters or blinds, you can always be sure of one thing, you will definitely not make a design mistake with them. You can choose from 10 basic colors and another 2,500 colored slat coatings.

For screen roller shutters, you can choose from seven basic colors of fabrics that we have developed to best match most windows and doors available on the market. However, if you are looking for something extra, you can also choose from several of the other 200 fabrics that we use to make the roller shutters. You simply will not find so many options anywhere else.

Installation Options

The installation options are similar for all types of outdoor window shading, but not exactly the same. The main difference lies in the recessed cover boxes or plates, which can be placed either above or below the plastering. But the selection is relatively limited depending on the possibilities of your home.

venkovní žaluzie


The principle is similar for outdoor blinds; however, they are not stored in a box, but in a special aluminum cover plate. It can also be installed either above or below the plastering, while the version below the plastering must be taken into consideration during the construction work. You can also choose whether the blinds will have standard or recessed guide rails.

gscreenové rolety


Although screen roller shutters are made of a special fabric, they also move along guide rails, at the end of which they roll into a box. In this case, however, we offer several types of storage above the plastering. Therefore, you can choose which will best suit your windows. However, if you are just planning to build a house and you already know that you will be interested in screen roller shutters, but you want to hide them as much as possible, we also offer partially or fully built-in versions.

předokenní rolety


Outdoor roller shutters consist of aluminum slats that move along guide rails and roll into a special box that is stored above them. This box can be either visible or concealed below the plaster. The visible box can be mounted on any type of building without the need to modify the windows or other masonry work. But if you want to conceal the box below the plastering, you need to consider the installation of the blinds when designing the house.

Control Options

At LOMAX, we want to bring you home accessories that make your everyday life easier and ensure the greatest possible comfort. It is quite obvious, therefore, that controlling these accessories goes hand in hand with comfort. You can control our shading technologies in several different ways. Just choose the one that suits you the most:

ikonka klika

Manual control using a gear crank

ikonka elektropohon

Using an electric drive controlled by remote control

aplikace Somfy

Through the Somfy app

spínací hodiny

Using an electronic timer


Using a cord or strap winder

Correct Care for Shading Technology


If you take good care of your shading technology, you will make a significant contribution to its longer life. Throughout the year, it will come under threat from dust, pollen, and other impurities. At least twice per year, you should take the time clean it, which will extend its lifespan by up to several years. How do you clean it?

Why LOMAX Outdoor Shading

Protection against heat loss and natural temperature regulation in the house
An additional design feature to any building
A wide range of colors and installation options
Protection of privacy and property
Protection of windows against adverse weather conditions
Shading of sunlight and isolation of outside noise

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