Outdoor blinds

Elegant and timeless addition to the house

Outdoor blinds elegantly complete the look of any house, apartment or office building. In hot summer, it keeps the sun out and ensures a pleasant climate in the building.

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Outdoor blinds

Leave the sun outside

You will appreciate LOMAX outdoor blinds especially in the hottest summer months, when the sun never stops shining in the windows. Outdoor blinds effectively shade up to 94% of the sun's rays.

You can either leave them partially open and create shade during the hottest time of the day. Or you can close them all the way to provide the perfect shade. The choice is yours.

Installation options

With an aluminium sheet cover

An aluminium cover sheet is used for blinds extended in front of the facade or when the top casing is not placed under the facade. It covers the blinds after being pulled up and protects them from the weather conditions. It is anchored to the window frame, side room or headroom.

In the built-in box

The box with blinds is hidden under the facade and cannot be seen from outside the building.

Into a lintel

In the case of lintel installation, the blinds must be taken into account during the house design. The advantage of the installation is that the blinds do not obstruct the view when pulled up and are perfectly protected from the weather conditions. LOMAX blinds can be installed, for example, in a HELUZ lintel.

Self-supporting blinds

This is another mounting method for outdoor blinds that is very popular in today's homes. Self-supporting blind systems are designed to speed up the actual installation on site and save time. Another advantage is the ease of servicing as the guide rails do not have to be removed.

Slat types

Slat S93 with inter-laminar sealing

It features double bending that makes it able to withstand even extreme weather conditions.
Thanks to the S-shape, the individual slats fit together precisely and form a uniform surface without gaps. It protects even better against sunlight and heat leaks.

Slat Z90 PRO with inter-laminar sealing

Where the S93 blades are round, the Z90 PRO slats have edges. However, they withstand the weather just as well and the protection against sunlight is also excellent. The slats fit together perfectly thanks to the Z-shape. This makes it easy to achieve almost total darkening.

Slat Z70 with inter-laminar sealing

The outdoor blinds Z-70 are technically similar to the outdoor blinds Z-90, but thanks to the smaller slat width they give a softer and more luxurious impression. The Z-shaped slats are sealed on the edges to ensure a perfect and very quiet landing.

Slat C80

Take a look at the slat in the profile and you will see the letter C. The elegant design ensures that the blinds can be used on all types of buildings.
We can produce blinds with C80 slats in various sizes, so you can easily shade larger glass surfaces.

Advantages of outdoor blinds

Sun retention icon
Retains up to 96% of the sun's energy – 2× more efficient cooling than conventional indoor blinds.
Guarantee icon
We guarantee the high quality of workmanship with a 5-year warranty.
Motorised blinds icon
Motorised blinds equipped with sensors continuously regulate the natural light in the house.
Slat slope icon
Correct adjustment of the angle of the slats prevents views from the outside while allowing some sunlight to penetrate inside.
Control icon
You can control it from anywhere, just press the button on the remote control or use the smart mobile app.
Quality sleep icon
Closed blinds will darken the interior at any time of the day or night and ensure conditions for a good sleep.
Approximate price

How much will outdoor blinds cost you?

Each house is unique, just as your requirements are. Some are satisfied with a simple solution, others require the utmost exclusivity. The examples provided are only indicative, do not hesitate to contact us for a "personalised" price calculation.

Small house LOMAX

Small house

Price from EUR 2,200

Prices exclude VAT, assembly and transport.

Medium house LOMAX

Medium House

Price from EUR 4,000

Prices exclude VAT, assembly and transport.

Big house LOMAX

Big house

Price from EUR 6,500

Prices exclude VAT, assembly and transport.

Samples of LOMAX outdoor blinds


An appearance exactly to your liking

Colour finishes

Colour implementation

LOMAX blinds can be matched to your facade, door or garage door. It is possible to choose from 4 to 9 colours depending on the type of slats. The guide rails, cover plate, brackets and other components are standard silver anodized, but we can also paint them for you.

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Something on top

We offer many accessories for electrically driven blinds. You will appreciate for example the wind sensor, which automatically pulls the blinds up in case of strong winds. The ideal combination also includes the solar sensor, which evaluates the intensity of the sunlight and adjusts the position of the slats accordingly. Thanks to the sensor, you will save money on air conditioning and feel comfortable at home even in the hot summer when you return from work.

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Technical parameters of outdoor blinds

Simple control

The blinds can be controlled with an electric drive, either via a mobile app, remote control, electronic timer, switch, or classically manually with a crank.

Installation options

Outdoor blinds can have a visible cover sheet, or we can recess them into the facade. You can also choose whether your blinds have standard or recessed guide rails.

Guarantees and warranties

We stand behind our products, outdoor blinds are no exception. We offer a 5-year warranty on the non-moving parts of the blinds, on the surface treatment of selected components and on Somfy electric drives.

Home automation

Somfy – control your home smartly

Home automation

Progress of the contract implementation

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We will arrange an appointment either at your place or in our showroom. We will find out what your needs are and advise you on the choice.

We will measure and quote free of charge

We will select a suitable solution, do measurements and prepare a quotation. All free of charge and without obligation, of course.

We will produce and arrange the installation date

If you agree, we'll put the design into production and in about a month it's done. Then we'll just arrange a date to come and install the door.

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