Sliding garage doors

Practical solution with a flexible side opening system

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LOMAX sliding garage doors
Sliding garage doors

When every inch matters

We were inspired by the sectional garage doors, just took the panels and placed them vertically. The sliding doors thus do not go under the garage ceiling, but sideways. Such a construction ensures high operating efficiency and a long lifetime. Sliding doors adapt to your needs because they can respond flexibly when you need to drive your car into the garage or just walk your bicycle outside.

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Praktik doors

Sliding garage door and entrance door in one

Sliding garage doors are offered in a single variant Praktik. Nothing simpler can be made anyway. The door is virtually maintenance free and easy to control. They also allow partial opening for the passage of persons, which makes life much easier if this is the only exit from the house.

In addition, they do not reduce the passage height of the opening, as they only need to be 9 cm from the vertical edge of the garage, and that is quite sufficient. Of course, we stand behind our quality and provide a 10-year warranty on the material and a 5-year warranty on the Marantec motor drive.

Advantages of Praktik sliding garage doors

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Garage door and entrance door in one – allows partial opening for the passage of persons.
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Choice of manual control or electric drive. This can be installed retrospectively.
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Manual control is very easy, the door is locked with a key in this variant.
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In the event of a power failure, the electric door can also be manually operated.
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They require almost no maintenance and thanks to the quality of workmanship they can be relied on for many years.
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The door does not reduce the passage height of the opening, it allows using the space under the garage ceiling.
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Fast and quiet operation – with the LOMAX Exclusive drive, the door moves 2× faster than other doors.
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Safety first – the motor is equipped with a reverse gear that is triggered on contact with an obstacle.
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Comfort and safety are ensured by a safety infrared barrier with an automatic closing function.
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Possibility to custom design every detail – stainless-steel elements, grooves, accessories, glazing.
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10-year warranty on door panels, extended warranty on regularly serviced hardware.
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Thanks to the profile with an integrated brush, the door fits perfectly and there are no unnecessary heat leaks.

Samples of implementation of sliding garage doors LOMAX


An appearance exactly to your liking

Colour finishes

More than 2,500 colours

With the sliding garage doors Praktik, you have the same colour options as with sectional doors. As standard we supply the door in white or brown, but you can choose from more than 2,500 other colours from RAL or NCS on smooth or STUCCO surfaces. We also offer 10 colours (DTM) inspired by mineral.

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Wood imitation

Carpenter's appearance

High-quality foil with a UV filter and printed wood pattern will ensure that your garage door will look like it was made by a carpenter. You don't have to limit yourself to 8 basic colours, we can finish the door with a foil with any colour from the Renolit swatch.

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Fine-tune the design with grooves

You can fine-tune the sliding garage door Praktik exactly to your liking. All types of grooves except irregular layouts are offered free of charge. You can choose from slat variants, without a groove, with a central groove or as cassettes.

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Stainless-steel elements and glazing

Let your imagination run wild

With stainless-steel elements you can make your garage door a truly original affair. The stainless-steel elements are highly durable and can be painted in any RAL colour for an additional charge. You can choose from our range or propose your own design. Stainless-steel elements can also be combined with glazing.

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Something on top

We offer various accessories for the garage door Praktik, such as for example a practical handle for manual control. We also offer a push button for controlling the door and light, a backup power supply in case of power failure or expanded metal filling used for ventilation and lighting of the garage area.

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Technical parameters of
sliding garage doors

Building readiness and fittings

The sliding garage doors Praktik have minimal space requirements, specifically needing only 9 cm from the vertical edge of the garage. Therefore, we place great emphasis on construction readiness, wall and floor flatness during installation.

Thermal insulation

The first and last section of the Praktik door is closed by an aluminium anodised profile with an integrated brush, so the door fits perfectly. The thermal insulation is additionally increased by an internal 40 mm thick PUR filling.

Simple control

The door is powered by a motor from the German brand Marantec. It can be controlled using a mobile phone, code keypad, fingerprint scanner or chip. There is also the option of manual control in the event of a power failure.

Safety features

Praktik doors contain a number of safety features. From the construction of panel locks preventing finger pinching to the lock grip. There is also an infrared barrier or key switch.

LOMAX Easy Solution

Replacement of doors with minimal building modifications.

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