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Take a look at our range of accessories. Rolling grilles, rolling industrial doors and integrated insect nets are made to measure and guaranteed to last a long time. The door drives come from our proven partners in Germany, France and Italy.

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Rolling grilles

Rolling grilles

Rolling grilles are standard equipment in many shops, shop fronts and building entrances.

They are durable, efficient and require almost no maintenance. Do you want a rolling grille to protect your shop? It's not a problem. Here you can also play with the design. Rolling grilles also have an aesthetic function. We can manufacture customized grilles for new and older buildings. We will provide you with a free design and quotation.

nets against insects

Nets against insects

In summer, it´s so nice to sleep with the window open! Unfortunately, mosquitoes and flies are very annoying companions in the bedroom.

If you also get integrated insect screens though along with outdoor roller shutters, you can ventilate without worry. The mesh is made of PVC coated fibreglass with low thermal expansion. This makes the net tear-proof, corrosion-resistant and will last for years. Moreover, it is almost transparent, so it will not interfere with the view from the window.

Drives for doors

Drives for doors

Opening a garage door manually is impractical and no wonder you're not enjoying it. Get a drive for your door and make it easier for you.

We can also install drives on existing doors, but always consult our technician for selection. Once the door is automated, simply press the button on the remote control and the door opens without you having to get out of the car. We offer drives for both industrial and private doors.

6 reasons to buy LOMAX accessories

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We always guarantee the availability of spare parts and fast service.
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High-quality workmanship and precise assembly guarantee a long service life, for which we give you a 5-year warranty.
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We use high-quality components from EU countries, we cooperate with verified manufacturers.
Free design icon
We will design a technical solution for free, prepare a quotation and arrange everything necessary for implementation.
Production made to measure icon
We produce the additional assortment to measure and can match it with other elements of the building.
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Whether you are looking for a functional, economical solution or a luxurious solution without compromise, we have the right solution for you.

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We will arrange an appointment either at your place or in our showroom. We will find out what your needs are and advise you on the choice.

We will measure and quote free of charge

We will select a suitable solution, do measurements and prepare a quotation. All free of charge and without obligation, of course.

We will produce and arrange the installation date

If you agree, we'll put the design into production and in about a month it's done. Then we'll just arrange a date to come and install the door.

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